Only safe and biodegradable ingredients are used to create our products that are highly effective, yet gentle, for people and the environment.

Trusted Products

Since 2000, PUREFY products are proven by hundreds of hospitals, senior care, and childcare facilities to protect those who are the most vulnerable from germs, allergens, and contaminants.

Proven Results

PUREFY's disinfectant kills the nasty germs that cause infectious diseases and food poisoning, e.g. wipes out Norovirus in 60 seconds. The products also eliminate common allergens, annoying odors, and other contaminants. They are certified by independent testing laboratories to international standards, as well as regulatory agencies.

Anyone, Anywhere

PUREFY products are composed of purified water, with natural and safe ingredients. They are gentle with people, pets, and the environment for daily use anywhere. PUREFY products are free of alcohol, synthetic fragrances, and other harsh chemicals. They turn into water after use and leave no residue.