1. Are PUREFY products safe for humans, animals, and the environment?

Yes, our products are made from purified water, and safe natural ingredients. For scents, we use pure natural oils. Our product does not contain synthetic fragrance, parabens, phthalates, aerosols, alcohol, bleach or formaldehyde. They are nontoxic, and safe for humans and animals, according to independent testing by international standards. In addition, the products are biodegradable, and do not harm the environment.

2. Why is PUREFY.LIFE's disinfectant product superior than alcohol or bleach products?

Alcohol products are not effective against viruses, fungi or spores. It is flammable, so it is dangerous to use around the kitchen area. It is not safe for kids since it can be irritating. There are reports also kids eat/drink these products for alcohol. Bleach product is effective against germs. However, it is corrosive and irritating. If not used carefully, it generates toxic gas. It requires caution even for adult to use it.

PUREFY's disinfectant product is a broad spectrum disinfectant and much safer.

3. How effective is PUREFY.LIFE's disinfectant solution?

Our disinfectant uses a natural antimicrobial agent produced by the human body's natural immune system to fight infection. It is made from natural ingredients and purified water. Its active ingredient reacts with a variety of microbial sub-cellular compounds, interferes with metabolic processes, and kills individual bacterium exposed within milliseconds. It has up to 99.9999% efficacy against nasty germs including MRSA, VRE, Acinetobacter, Staph, Norovirus, Hepatitis, HIV, Flu virus, Salmonella, E Coli, Fungi. Disinfectant kills 100% of the germs. Sanitizing surfaces on the other hand only kills 99.9% germs. Some germs survive and grow back after sanitization.