Allergy and Asthma Prevention

For millions of allergy sufferers, many trigger symptoms are caused from allergens in the home or on the go. Allergens such as germs, pet dander, mold, and dust mites are found in more than 95 percent of homes each year.

Allergens are carried through the air and are often found on furniture, carpets, and other surfaces throughout the home. The trick to managing airborne allergens is by increasing your cleaning on a regular basis.

Dusting: Everyone’s first go to in the fight against allergens is dust removal. Dust mites cause and trigger asthma and allergy symptoms in the home. The way you dust currently could actually be making things worse. It is important to use PUREFY spray product on the surface then wipe, this helps keep the dust on the rag and not spread through the air. Also, it removes the dust mite so that you are spreading it in the air or with the cloth. In addition, manage the amount of clutter or trinkets that you keep on surfaces throughout your home, since they will tend to collect dust.

Vacuuming: Like dusting vacuuming will help control the amount of unwanted allergens in your home. We recommend using a HEPA that will trap small particles and prevent them from becoming airborne and triggering allergy symptoms. PUREFY products (e.g. multipurpose spray) are safe to use on the carpets to get rid of dust mites, pet urine, pet dander and other allergens.

Linens and Soft Surfaces: Again, your most used surfaces will tend to carry the most allergens. Fabric is no different when it comes to hosting dust mites. Consider washing your bedding linens and bathroom towels at least one a week. Wash and dry your linens at the hottest setting. PUREFY products (e.g. multipurpose spray) are safe to use on the soft surfaces and eliminate dust mites and other allergens.

Cleaning Supplies - Think PUREFY: Rethink your cleaning supplies, many allergies and asthma can be triggered by the chemicals found in basic household cleaning agents. Luckily PUREFY contains no added chemical or synthetic fragrances that causes allergic reactions. It is recommended by doctors for respiratory or asthma suffers.

Pets: We all love our second children, man’s best friend: our pets. Unfortunately, the protein that is found in our furry four legged friend’s urine, dander, and saliva cause one of the largest allergen triggers for most families. Most allergens found on our pets are set airborne daily, so it is important to wash your pet at least once a week. PUREFY products are safe to use to spray on pets and safe to use around pets. Purefyair is very efficient and effective control of airborne allergens.

On the Go: Don’t forget that germs and allergens are everywhere. You need convenient and compact sized solution for protection on the move anywhere anytime. PUREFY on-the-go products help to keep your hands, skin and surrounding environment clean.

Remember, reducing allergens is possible. Remember to take some time each day to dust, vacuum, and PUREFY your home and office space.